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in south baltimore, unharmed. >> plans for a temporary spot facility next to the anne arundel mills mall. >> it is the first phase of a permit to sit -- facility at anne arundel mills mall. -- a permanent facility at anne arundel mills mall. the first phase would consist of a parking garage for the for a minute -- permanent facility. the floor of the ground would be temporarily converted into a casino with kate of slot machines. it would operate that way for about a year. >> so that we can get the revenue flowing quicker to the state and it seemed to be a logical way to approach the project. >> we certainly want to see the project move forward as soon as possible. >> they hope to begin construction on phase one shortly after the new year, with an opening set time in late 2011. >> 11 people, including three baltimore county police officers, are recovering after carbon monoxide poisoning a baltimore county home and that league lead -- left two people dead. -- of that leak left two people dead. >> the other people that got securing the carbon monoxide leak have been released from hospital.
business. >> a year from now, there could be 2000 slot machines up and running in anne arundel county. >> we are tracking snow showers from gaithersburg the dow around frederick tonight. and looks like we will get more tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. freezing. 22 degrees at the airport. >> more ahead. a check on the "tonight snow." >> we have mark wahlburg, plus olivia wilde and music from up some good [ female announcer ] safeway talks holiday baking. that smells scrumptious. yummy! smells delightful. awesome! i'm not smelling anything. [ female announcer ] everything for holiday baking. just add love. safeway. ingredients for life. i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. >> prince william and his fiancee have released their official engagement photographs. the couple chose the same photographer who shot some of the most famous photographs of princess diana. the couple is set to wed in april. >> in tonight's consumer alert, the pa
city police. anne arundel county fire officials are try to figure out what sparked this 3 alarm fire at the german restaurant. the fire broke out just after 5:30 this morning at the old steinitz in. firefighters encountered heavy smoke and shooting flames before getting control of the fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. if you are resolved to lose weight by the end of january, help is on the way. details in this afternoon's medical alert. and experts say some of the help you need to lose weight could be in the palm of your hands. house smartphones apps can help you keep track. the year. and the measure that could bring and the measure that could bring slots to anne arundel you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. >> county executive john leopold announces a fifth hiring freeze in a four years for anne arundel county employees. that is expected to last until june and save the county $2.5 million. he says the county has avoided layoffs by reducing travel expenses. the site de
. now, in the end, everything turned out to be fine. it was part of an exercise hosted by anne arundel county police. abc2 news don harrison explains why. >> reporter: a search and rescue is going on in a park in anne arundel county today. everybody turned up ok, mainly because it was staged. county police sponsored the full scale search and rescue exercise today. the exercise involves several county fire, police and emergency agencies, along with state police and some volunteer groups among others. some park residents were curious about all the activities. just talking about how to work together in a conference room is not enough. >> they have to come together and share information. the only way to do that is get together and do exercises such as this. i believe we see one of the victims. >> reporter: one of the narrows was a person lost down -- scenarios was a person that to needed to be transported across the water. >> it gives us the skills we need and to be compatible with other jurisdictions. >> you see him there? >> reporter: the mobile command unit is very valuable for all the
and boxes for the anne arundel county food and resource bank. >> and this is -- >> reporter: 50,000 boxes of bags and groceries are put together each year by delivery for churches and charities of local needy families and one is 12-year-old hunter gardener. >> was walking on and that is like broken pieces of glass all over the place and i told miss lynn and we swept it up. >> reporter: a series of windows were broken. some were exterior windows. efforts to get in and the windows in the charitable enterprises three inside office rooms were systematically smashed out. the burglars took computers, printers and a fax machine and they tried to take a newly donated snow blower but it was too big to carry away. the scouts were shocked that thieves would target the food bank. >> we're trying to get food to the homeless and someone someone who would steal from them is a shame. >> reporter: the burglars took the hard drives on which the food and resource bank backed up its data. >> and all of our records there, the foods we distribute throughout the county and the records i have to keep for the fed
arundel county, maryland, could open by next year and it would go inside of a parking garage. last month, voters approved 4700 slot machines for a facility near the anne arundel mills mall in hanover. it will be the state's largest. until a permanent facility is built they plan to open a temporary facility. they did a similar approach in florida. before you head home, marc rail riders will have a chance to tell the bosses what they think. it is holding a meet the manager session at union station. heads of the transit system will moot riders tonight between 4:00 and 7:00. >>> airlines are making millions from your bags. hundreds of jobs coming to our region and a dessert food recall, all at 6:06 in this special report. >>> a dessert company is calling for its product to be pulled from shelves it is the toe fewtti packages. they are pulled because mill seasoning not listed as an ingredient. they have a manufacturing code of 18497. >>> 1900 jobs are coming to berkeley county, west virginia. macy's is building a distribution center along i-81 near martinsburg. it will fill internet orders fo
are up for montgomery, howard, frederick, and anne arundel counties until 9:00 this morning. look at doppler in a moment. we expect the snow showers through 9:00. snow showers have been flying up and down 270. they have been persistent. on live doppler 9000 hd this is where we see the area. frederick county, especially along and west of 270 and then in to northern montgomery, you can see it in to howard, prince georges, anne arundel. some of these areas the ground is covered and is white and we will watch for slippery roads in montgomery county, 108 laytonsville to clarksville and germantown a real problem this morning. monica, over to you. >>> as you have been saying, you could encounter slippery road conditions in maryland this morning. and now an accident in silver spring on georgia avenue at jessup blare drive. you have to follow police direction to get around that one. tow trucks are on the way. that's just north of the district line. we'll take you to the beltway. overall the beltway is fine. north side of town on 270 southbound, we are seeing some slow traffic from 80 to 12
and howard anne arundel county, possibility of upward to an inch of snow. we have to two bands of snow with the break in between. most of the roads are wet. they are warm but some cooling could cause freezing and especially north and west. this afternoon windy and ted steady or colder temperatures. and more snow on the way in the extended forecast. here's the most powerful doppler radar. through northern unann aid ropedel county light snow that -- ann aid rundle county, light snow that could be -- anne arundel county with light snow that could be sticking to the grass. snow from southwest to north. westminster will get a little snow. we will show you their temperatures are at 30, and 32. dropping to near freezing. could be slick west of town. but we are cold with snow showers this afternoon. kim brown, how about the road? >> reporter: how about the roads. it's cold outside. you could see some precipitation where you are. for the netly, the road conditions -- fortunately, the road conditions are not too bad. we have an accident still lingering up in aberdeen at old philidelphia road and
to two inches in anne arundel county this morning. complete snow reports coming in later. waiting for people to wake up and gel tallies that's not as old as last night. because we had overnight. catonsville 26. wind gusting to 48 miles per hour. that's an issue we still have snow showers on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it could be slick in spots. we are not done yet. but check on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: those winds are playing a part in the morning's commute because there are wind warnings in place at the tidings bridge. in fallton southbound bel air road past harford reports of debris. a sign has blown into the roadway. in bel air, an accident temporarily blocking all lanes at route 136 and route 543. looking at 895, all listens are open. probably more salt on the ground than snow depending on where you are. but traffic is flowing freely and some of the speeds are down because you could see the occasional slick patch. charlie, back to you. >> all right. kim, thanks. >>> it's not the snow but the frustrations amounting at airports up and down the east coa
the south andan arundel county through the district gets it and another shot towards western howard and carroll county. temperatures slipped below freezing. things are slippery in carroll county. the air temperatures 30 westminster and 32 reisterstown and 34 in arnold. let's see what's happening on the rest of the roads with the car traffic and truck and everything else with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. we do have some light to moderate volume working here on the outer loop at liberty road. drivers are keeping their speeds down and justin said the road could be a little wet and slick in spots. it's not causing too many problems. but we do have one accident this morning that's going to be up in perryman at old philidelphia and perryman road. police are on the scene there. that's a tractor truck crash and a box truck this morning. we have a downed pole and wire in frederick county in green valley blocking route 80 at pen shop road. now back to you. >> kim, thanks. >>> 5:33. a winter weather alert. snow and driving winds hampering parts of the midwest for the past sev
light volume as you make your way up from 97 up froman arundel county towards the baltimore beltway. no problems itself. top side west side south side east side every where looks good. we have a couple accidents in glen burnie oakwood at route 100 and watch out for the water main break in essex. back river neck road at hopewell. we have wind warnings this morning for tiedings bridge and bay bridge and key bridge. the key bridge has a little delay as people are approaching the bridge in both directions. here's at live look at top side of the beltway. light volume on the roadway. now back to you. >> it's 5:33. thanks a lot. >>> police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body on the arizona side of lake meade that. comes more than week after the disappearance of a dancer named debbie flores narvaez. cheryl conner is live with that investigation and what could be next. >> reporter: good morning. this morning we don't have the identity of woman's body but a spokesman with the las vegas metro police department says investigators have not ruled out the possibility that it is deny
, everyone. i'm sarah caldwell. we have breaking news out of anne arundel county. police announced the arrest of two teenagers in connection with a murder connection at a 7- eleven. are charged in a deadly shooting at the burke glen burnie -- they are charged in a deadly shooting at a glen burnie pizza shop as well. >> anne arundel county police believe they have solved the two murders. we'll show you pictures of the suspects. police had arrested him at the pizza shop. the 19-year-old from a 17-year- old charles butler -- these have all -- they have all been arrested. two of them have been charged with the murder of a store clerk that also happened in glen burnie. the clerk was shot and killed. the egyptian-born man, has been, and father had been in the country only two years. -- husband, and father had been in the country only two years. >> it is deplorable. these reports of robberies that became homicides. the communities were outraged by these crimes. >> the detectives, with the plan they had formulated, went through the community. the chief enabled us to gather other resources to assessed
'm will thomas. the food bank serves needy households throughout anne arundel county and the break-in comes during the busy holiday season, the busiest time of the year for the food bank. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the full name of the agency is the food and resource bank in ann arundel county, supplying not only food but donated wheelchairs, walkers, furnitures, appliances and the items go through churches and charities, through the neediest families. and this agency which helps families get on their feet, was the target of thieves. at a building on the grounds of the old state mental hospital in crownsville, maryland. >> ready to score. >> reporter: dozens of local boy scouts gathered several times a year and they volunteer to sort cans and boxes for the anne arundel county food and resource bank. >> and this is non-perishable. >> reporter: 50,000 boxes and groceries are put together each year for delivery by churches and charities by local needy families. one of the volunteers is this 12-year-old, hunter gardener. >> i was walking around and started hearing a crunchy noise and
is jayne miller. texted property sits in the heart of the northern anne arundel county community known as broad a village. residents know is a place that has always been known to the neighborhood. >> i moved into this area in 1953. it was a place to gather and have meetings, and if you had any complaints, you come to the community association. >> the property was owned by the arundel improvement association, whose roots go back to 1949. its original and charter sets its purpose as the promotion and furtherance of the moral and social welfare of its members. the charter makes clear the corporation is organized for non profitable purposes. but now with a for sale sign up, it is set up to profit a single individual, frances jones, the longtime president of the association. according to land records, she executed the conveying the property to herself and signed it over as the association's president. the amount of money xipe, according to the deed, none. >> it was not made for one person to use and sell and profit of up. it is for the community, not for her. >> others in the community are
will talk with former fbi agent and director of the homeland security justice institute at anne arundel community college dr. tyrone powers that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. >>> police need your help finding a suspect who lured his victim in online. police in anne arundel county say the suspect made contact with the man's on craig's lisa agreeing to sell him an i-pad. when the two mettat the wal-mart at glen burnie, the man who thought he was buying an ipad was robbed at gunpoint. the suspect was last seen driving away on interstate 97. anyone who knows information call 410222 (#41)022-2565. >>> day man joe junior and a 16 years old are charged with a demented murder and assault for stabbing clifton earlier this week. police say a 3rd st. paul is sus still at. he is currently in serious but stable condition in baltimore. police say the crime is likely drug related. >>> according to the associated press federal investigators are investigating it as an arson. the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms investigative team says they're not sure where or how it started but are studying the buil
day of the upcoming week we've got the answer ahead. >>> two schools in anne arundel county are getting roughed up students an parents have had enough. don harrison went to one of the schools to find out a little bit more about this. >> reporter: in october a 14- year-old student was charged with first degree assault for allegedly choking another 13- year-old student inside a bathroom at corcoran middle school in glen burnie. that incident is why the school is considered a good candidate for a school resource officer. county executive john leopold says student security is number one priority. >> there's nothing more important than providing a safe secure learning environment for our school children. >> reporter: right now all of anne arundel county 12 high schools have on-site county police officers. nine of the 19 middle schools currently have resource officers adding two more resource officers will tighten budgets, but leopold says it's money well spent. >> no child in those classrooms should have to put up with the apprehension of fear of assault. and we thought it wa
went into a room tonight and she was gone? the anne arundel county government multiyear training and exercise plan creates worst-case stairos. this is a practice session. the group took an all hazards approach and applied them to a wide variety of incidents. one scenario, a person who needed to be transported across the water. >> this is extremely valuable, it not only gives us the training we need, but the ability to be compatible with other jurisdictions. >> the cold weather helps to dmon -- demonstrate the challenges of the equipment and temperatures. >>> the baltimore business journal reports that the number of homeowners who are underwater in their mortgages did not go up during the third quarter but holding steady around 16%. 22% of mortgages were underwater in the third quarter and the study was done by core lodge -- logic. >>> the maryland state highway administration installed a new speed camera along the parkway south of the beltway. right now the camera is in what is called the warning stage but comedies 30th it will be snapping at your pocketbook. december 30th. it'
in with an all clear and the station reopened. >>> a three alarm fire damages a restaurant in anne arundel county. here's a picture from the anne arundel county fire department. firefighters from the naval academy and anap --. the cause remains under investigation. >>> earlier this week a teenage girl from north carolina went missing in baltimore city. today police say they are no closer to finding her from when she left. she came to baltimore to visit family but hasn't been seen since tuesday afternoon. she was a straight a student planning to graduate high school early and attend college in our area. they are checking local hospitals and homeless setters and talking with friends and family members trying to find a clue to where she may gone. >> it appears that she left on her own and no foul play at this point. we are still in the stages in the investigation to confirm that there was no foul play. >> police say they could use the public's help in this case and been saying this all week. they have gotten a few weeks but none really banned out. if you have anything anything -- any information abo
is in police custody business after police say he attacked to arab -- elderly women in heller -- anne arundel county perry he faces armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, and assault charges and now investigators are trying to figure out if he was involved in another attack on an elderly victim. we have more on that story. >> after enjoying a christmas meal, two senior citizens became the victims of an armed robber. >> there were two elderly's females. there were exiting the restaurant and one was in a wheelchair. the other had two persons in our possession. they were accosted by a male subject to approach with a claw hammer. >> they say he grabbed the two purses and ran away by stealing a car from the parking lot. that car was found in the 2200 block of sedley street. police found the suspect in may home nearby. he was charged with armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, and assault. they are trying to determine if he is responsible for another incident a couple of days earlier. a 87-year-old woman was leaving a store when a man offered to assist her but she declined then he forced his way into her
. it is going to be slippery. >> all of the anne arundel schools closed early because of the snow. it became -- began falling at 11:00 a.m. this morning. roads and sidewalks and parking lots were covered. >> it is the way it is supposed to be at christmas time. i think it is beautiful. >> snow shovels were growing fast. >> the snow shovels were going quickly. >> good for business? >> good for business. >> any talk of snow is great for business, says this person. >> the crowds were pretty good today. >> what are you selling primarily? >> i smelled. melt.sold a lot -- ice >> good for business? >> absolutely. a call for snow is good for business. as the snow continued to my snow plow trucks were out throwing salt, trying to keep area roads as safe as possible. the christmas season here was booming and everyone has their own opinion about the snow. >> i love it. i'm from new york. i've loved it. >> it is just winter, that is all. >> is christmas time. it is supposed to be white and cold. >> i love it. >> do you love it? >> no. >> i'm not too crazy about it. if it does what it does last year, tha
to 10 below. also, montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel , a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m.. don't be surprised if you venture out this morning and you see a light little coating, maybe a dusting on some of the side streets. a snowshower along 270. today will be a lot like yesterday. a few degrees cooler, temperatures in the upper 30's. thursday we could see a few showers. the best we'll do tem-wise, friday and saturday at 41. >> i was talking about that movie with vin diesel and he played a babysitter and he was driving a van and the little girl jumps out of the van and kisses the ground. that's how i felt when i got to work today because i just didn't expect it. it was a long ride. if you know how the plan, you'll be ok. you have to watch your p's and q's this morning. in maryland, things treacherous. crews are starting to spread things around as far as chemicals, but they have a long way to go just to get that chemical down along the portions of the beltway, only two lanes available in some areas. here is a live picture. very dangerous coming up to intersection
. several accidents around the area including down in ann arunel county an accident on the anne arundel county side of laurel. police are on the scene and jess up dorsey run road and in baltimore city we are looking at fire activity at shamrock avenue and bowly's lane and crash at north, washington street and orleans. now back to you. >> >>> a man wielding gun in taneytown leads to a police stand off. we brought the story to you late last night. but this morning, a peaceful ending. cheryl conner is here with new details. cheryl. >> reporter: that situation still very tense at 11 last night. in fact, the barricade went on for well over five hours. but i have been getting updates from maryland state police this morning. and can tell you there was a peaceful end willing. here's how it went down, the 400 block of red tulip court in taneytown was blocked off last night. maryland state police spokesman greg shiply says before 7:30 a neighbor reported hearing shots fired. when officers with the taneytown police department arrived, the man was in his backyard holding what appeared to be a shot
the accident 97 southbound just after ben fells boulevard. northbound 97 froman arundel county is incident free. looking live at the roadways here, the beltway, top side of providence road is a smooth commute. charlie. >> thanks a lot. >>> it's 6:30. holiday travel underway in the nation as people begin taking to the road and air in time to make it home for christmas. however this year, extra challenges could be in front of you. we have the story. >> reporter: travelers hoping to make it home for the holidays are besieged by all kind of problems. snow, mud slides, even terror threats. despite that, millions of americans boarding plains, trains and automobiles to get home for christmas. passengers traveling by air face a new security alert this morning as airports screeners will be extra focused on thermos insulated beverage containers. agents say there is not a specific terror plot but they are concerned. that means things could be even slower than usual at security checkpoints. >> at this point, you have to do what keeps people safe. and if that means more extra screening time, and you have to
the winter storm hit yesterday. >> in anne arundel county saw some of the white stuff. that is where kim dacey joins us with more. >> we are off ritchie highway herein glen bernie. things are looking good. road conditions are not bad at all. a couple of what spots could could be slick as we go through the morning. the white stuff you see on the pavement is actually the pretreating salt they put down which seems to of helped the roads. very windy and cold. it was the wind that caused some problems last right. it was difficult to get around in some spots. annapolis looked like a winter wonderland. they did not get too much snow. officials were prepared. they opened several garages for residents to park for free to allow plows to get by. drivers say the snow was falling, the roads were slick and a be treacherous. >> i used to plow snow for years, so this is really nothing to somebody that's used to being in it. but it is a little slick out there. we came from bel air. it's actually worse this way. >> it's cold and surprisingly it's very slick. even when there was only lik an inch on the gro
with information on that third suspect is urged to call anne arundel county police. >>> baltimore county, police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead and another badly injured. shots rang out on day brook circle in rosedale. baltimore county misfound one man dead there. the second in grave condition. he was rushed to shock trauma. investigators are working to find out who the two victims are and whether they lived in the apartment building. >> reporter: tonight, we now know more about the east baltimore family that fell victim to carbon monoxide poisoning, the silent killer. others say there were no co detectors inside. wjz is live at the scene of this tragic accident. weijia jiang tells us what caused the death of two people and serious injuries to three others. weijia? >> reporter: well, kai, tonight, neighbors tell us those women who died was the mother and grandmother of the 5- year-old fighting to survive. they also say the accident should never have happened. >> reporter: balloons hanging in front of the gilford avenue apartment where they were found tuesday afternoon. their
detention. >> reporter: jennifer atkins and her sister make their way hesitantly into the anne arundel courthouse. her son, christopher jones, was killed in the summer of 2009 by a group of juveniles who beat him when they encountered him on his bike. now, the teen who the first punch, wants to get out of a locked detention facility and come out on supervised probation. >> it's been really hard, especially with it being christmastime. and not having chris here with us. and then to have to deal with, you know, the possibility of this kid getting out of jail so prematurely. >> reporter: the juvenile who is now 16, told the judge by phone, from the detention facility in michigan, that he has matured and even leads younger youth there in doing the right thing. but the report shows he also has been in trouble for cursing and argue and having a negative attitude. the victim's father says it's too early for relief. >> people in anne arundel county would be outraged. >> i mean, how would you like him coming home and playing with your kids? >> reporter: based on the testimony, the teen would li
. it is unclear how many storage units were damaged. >> fire investigators in anne arundel county are trying to determine what caused a two- alarm fire in glen burnie on mclarin drive. it took crews about an hour to bring the fire under control. to people were taken to baltimore washington medical center with injuries not related to the fire. police are investigating a deadly shooting in southwest baltimore. officers responded around 5:00 this morning. an unidentified woman was found shot multiple times. she later died at shock trauma. there is no word on a suspect or possible motive. baltimore city police have released the names of four people arrested at a home where they found a possible dogfighting arena. they are all charged with possession of narcotics and the intent to distribute. police said they found thousands of dollars in cash on the suspects at the time of arrest. however, they are not facing any charges related to the six dogs rescued from the home at the 2300 block of edgemont avenue. police said the investigation is ongoing. the search continues for the person or persons who
to try to avoid that. and south of the beltway anne arundel county and hanover a accident at new ridge road and dorsey road. back to you. >> thanks. >>> time is 5:00, it's been a debate that will be brought to the forefront. activists will protest a germantown clinic. sherrie johnson is in with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. activists against abortion plan to protest at a clinic being opened by a nebraska late term abortion doctor. activists and clergy plan to hit the streets this morning at the reproductive health services clinic. dr. leroy carhart is opening that clinic e wants to make sure women have access to the procedure by expanding what is legal including here in maryland a new nebraska law does not allow abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. a few doctors publically acknowledge they perform abortions late in the pregnancy. >> it's not like a big city, but what will you do? >> you don't want to be in a area or community where your clients are scared to show up. >> reporter: carhart worked with george tiller's late term abortion provide here was shot whil
on wednesday. >>> in glen burnie anne arundel county police say a man was stabbed to death. officers respond to the fight found james anthony liberto with stab wounds. he later died at shock trauma. police immediately arrested 39-year-old roland michael long who is charged with second degree murder. >>> police are look for a suspect in a robbery and assault that left a food delivery man dead. police found 46-year-old man of baltimore lying in the road. that's in the 1800 block of meade village circle e died at shock trauma. if you have information, call met he row crimestoppers at the number on the bottom of the screen, 1-866-7-lockup. >>> it was the number the city firefighters never wanted to reach. 19. the same number of deaths as last year. investigators know more about what caused another fatal fire from the weekend and to find out the details, let's say good morning to cheryl conner living with that -- live with the update. >> reporter: a day after that fatal fire over the weekend, investigators ruled it arson. ironically, the fire happened hours before firefighters were set to hand ou
a couple other lingering accidents. one is in anne arundel county at new ridge road and dorsey rotee road. in baltimore -- road. in baltimore city, savage street is closed between fleet and eastern avenue because of fire activity. you can use republic street as an alternate and in parkville a. 3-foot sink hole with baker avenue closed in both directions at puddy hill. stay with us, we have more "good morning, maryland" coming back after this. when you add velveeta to spicy rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you've got a queso so good, it'll blow 'em away. - ( crash ) - man, that's good! velveeta & rotel. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream! (announcer) some use hydrogenated oil. reddi wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi wip. hey! wait up! ♪ [ female announcer ] you see a mud stain. but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'l
to the east. prince george, parts of ann arundel, southern ann arundel getting rain shower activity. this is lifting to the north. we are not concerned with freezing rain in the immediate washington area. let's push on. into the advisories. winter weather advisory off to the north and west. that includes places like winchester, hagerstown. out here we are concerned about temperatures falling below freezing and some rain falling on top. that's why we could have issues with freezing rain during the overnight hours. out to the west, that is a winter storm watch. that includes western maryland for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we could see heavy snow out there as the lake-effect snow machine kicks in, 8 to 12 inches of snow out to the west sunday and monday. this will be an interesting couple of days here across the mid-atlantic. let's get to the current temperatures. not an immediate concern in washington. 42 here. rain during the overnight hours. off to the north and west that we are concerned about. frederick 36. hagerstown 34. martinsburg 35. dew point temperatures are hang
light sprinkles approaching columbia and bowie. toward areas of anne arundel county. probably going to clip extreme northern calvert and manassas south of warrenton and faulkier county, sprinkles are moving to the northeast. once that goes that is it. the problem is the cold and we will still have winds to deal with. on the weather computer, we will talk about the temperatures. the front is pushing through. it is off to the east. brisk norse winds have dropped temperatures in the upper 30s in gaithersburg and hagerstown, in cumberland. one to three inches of snow is expected in oakland and garrett county. temperatures in the 20s while we are 64 in easton. 63 pax river. but you folks eastern shore, southern maryland, you are going to drop a good 15 to 18 degrees once the front passes. in the 40s and 50s also and one more thing to show you. our local temperatures just before we go to mike, down to 44. we were 65 this morning. we are 44 at reagan national. it is 45 crofton. 42 sterling. 39 gaithersburg and 41 in fairfax. i will come back and we will take a look at the weekend and i wil
for shots casino at arundel mills mall. it was-- the plan was approved. he the first phase is going to be a temporary casino which is expected to open late next year. the second face is the casino which will include live music venues, restaurants. that is expected to be completed by 2012. >>> the cost of a stamp was 3 cents in 1946. the year that john wolf visited the pratt high barey. he was a soldier in world war # and he was recovering from surgery at fort meade when he and others visited the prat librarych the 20-year-old decided to check out a book, sound of symbol in chinese. he thought he was heading to the far east. mr. wolf is 84 and did housecleaning and guess what he found the book, 64 years overdue. mr. wolf now in st. louis with his family sent the book back with a note asking for a pardon. >> the book arrived yesterday via mail and caught everybody by surprised and everybody was tickled to death from the story and that's when we decided to waive the fee. >> thank goodness. if the fines were hand out, it would have cost $4700. the last time anyone wanted to check out th
keeps its grip coming up. >> anne arundel county home of bod countries creek. we all dream having a home on the waterfront. don harrison sure that park takes us to sandbag city known as annapolis,. >> reporter: large part of city dock was flooded some streets shut down for a time. some residents didn't seem to mind while others made their way carefully through the water. >> well there are several roads that are kind of low, and dock street right in front of us here is kind of low, and so the tied comes up backwards through the storm drains and floods some of the streets a little bit. >> reporter: high winds knocked over some trees and took power lines down. between the effects of the rain and the wind, the water rose a little over 3 feet this afternoon. >> any time you have a southeasterly or an easterly wind, it holds the bay water against if western shore. so we get wind-driven tied very frequently in the winter. >> reporter: whitney mack works at starbucks downtown and braves the flooded streets to bring annapolis police some coffee. starbucks stayed open. >> we're busine
throughant arundel county, there's no -- ann arund -- through anne arundel county, there's no issues. looking live at 95 at mountain road, headed southbound out of harford county, not going to find issues making your way towards beltway or tunnels. 83 also chicking in pretty good. looking at the maps, we have a water main issue that's through lutherville affecting the southbound lanes york road. they are making repairs and those are blocking the left lane and the right lane. the center lane is able to get by but it's going to be a little slick and icy through there. pennsylvania avenue reopened southbound making your way past washington avenue in towson. >>> there's more of good morning, maryland" coming up after this. [ male announcer ] when you're a quarterback in the nfl... ♪ there are no sick days. vicks dayquil defeats 5 cold and flu symptoms. ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] in the nfl, you can't win tomorrow if a cold keeps you up tonight. vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. how's it
's been cold and windy out here in ann arundel county. the snow has been blowing sideways for an hour. i want to show you how much has accumulated in the parking lots and side streets. you can see the parking lots picking up snow but on the corner of robinson and richie highway, the plows have done a great job keeping the roads clear. drivers have been coming in and out to fuel and get gas, thinking about their safety and how cold it is. >> the snow was blowing around, there's a little gust on the snow. you can catch it on the windows, a little dark. it looks like it will accumulate. it's just a mess. >> nothing unusual. we had eight foot of snow last year. >> if you are going to be out on the road, many of the main roads in the area have been plowed through. as we drove down 97, we saw a lot of plows on the shoulder ready to go. but some side streets in the area may not be plowed through. if you're out and about, drive slowly and carefully and leave plenty of room for the plows. that's the latest here in ann arundel county. >> sheldon, thank you. in some areas the weather is making it d
,000 reward is up being offered for information leading to an arrest. in anne arundel county tonight, police are investing in -- investigating a robbery of two elderly people. the latest happened on christmas day. one arrest has been made, but the investigation continues. barry simms has the latest. >> after enjoying a christmas meal at the rose restaurant in brooklyn park, to senior citizens became the victims of an armed robber. >> there were two elderly females exiting the restaurant. one was in a wheelchair being pushed, and the other had to purses in her possession. they were accosted by a male suspect to approach with a claw hammer. >> c michaelarotenuto was arrested -- michael carotenuto was arrested not far from the restaurant. no one answered the door when we went to the home. neighbors say they do not know him. he is charged with armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, and assault. investigators are trying to determine if the december 25 purse snatching is connected to another incident days earlier. an 87-year-old woman was leaving a hallmark store wednesday when a man offered to assis
. >> the developer plans to put a slot facility at arundel mills mall. >> it is ridiculous to think that you are going to subsidize this industry to the tune of $100 million and not run a couple of races. >> many agree. the track owner's proposal showed a lack of commitment to the racing industry and the thousands of jobs it provides. >> it is frustrating. my livelihood is based on 140 some racing days. >> besides track owners coming up with a new plan, the commission -- a plan the commission would approve, there is the issue of eminent domain. >> put it in the hands of people that are confident. and i would not be surprised if that is not what happens. >> representatives from penn national and the jockey club are expected to make a statement tomorrow. the current schedule is expected to end december 13. >> plans on breaking ground at the anne arundel mall. a temporary facility will be quick to go up. in tonight's project economy report, the brookings institution says our area is bouncing back from the great recession quicker than most other metro areas. during 1993-2007, the economic perfor
of them was in the wheelchair. on this self baltimore street, investigators from anne arundel john c. located -- can found the suspect for this robbery. they had just finished a meal left the rose restaurant. >> two elderly females, a 75 and 80 year-old, one was in a wheelchair being pushed in the other had two purposes. they were accosted by a male suspect to a first with a claw hammer. >> they have arrested 39-year- old michael carotenuto. a car was stolen from the restaurant. they're trying to determine if the december 25th first sledging is related to another incident two days before. an 87-year-old woman was leaving this hallmark store. a man came along offering assistance. she declined. when he was able to force his way into the vehicle for the passenger side and make his way off with her first. it is unclear if these two incidents are connected. >> police are not sure of a suspect in that robbery, but they did think carotenuto's arrest happened because of alerted citizens. >> they were ultimately helped by a suspicious object call that came in several hours earlier. the indivi
was annoying, but as time passed, he really took care f >>> for the second time in two years, anne arundel county police are probing deadly shooting in glen burnie. early this morning police say someone got out of a car and started shooting at kelly fisher. fisher was struck several times and later died at the hospital. in january of last year, another person was killed outssde of the that vern after two people fighting inside the bar were kicked out. anyone with information about this laechttshooting is asked to call metro ccime stoppers at this number. >>> just after 11:00 last night, another man was shot on east 0th street in east baltimore. he was raced to good samaritannhospital, wwere he later died. >>> a car slammed in to a police cruiser last night. the man in he car tried to rrn away, bbt police captured him a few minutes later. the officer had only minor injuries. >>> in anne arundel county,, police arrest this homeless man1 for killing another homeless -pman. police found him along gorman road in laurel yeeterday evening. he was arrested on an unrelated warrant. he i
. >>> first on ox, the owner of an anne arundel pizza shop fights off a robber with a spatula and the whole thing is captured on tape. i man enters the pizza bowling. a video shows him demanding money from the workers. and starts swwnging hii spatula at the robber. >> some day, i said i can handle this guy.3 so that is what i did then. i think i did pretty good, at leest i got him. >>while the armed robbery was underway, police found a 9--month-old baby alone in the hooel room where the suspect was staying. so far wo arreets have been made in connection with the case. >>> a survey completed by the pentagon finds thattoverturning a ban on gays serving in the millitary wouldn't dooany long-term harm. around 1600000 active troops aad %-in the survey.s participated 70% of those said repealing3ú don't ask, don't tell would bring positive, mixed, or no results. seemed to be ca chaplins and the serving in combat roles. >> if the congress repeals the law, this is the will of the american people. you are the american millitary and we will do this and we wwll do it right. >> following the report's
this morning in anne arundel county where two fatal stabbings took place. police say there is nother susppct still out there. meagan is live inú millersville, good morning. >> reporter, police say one stabbing haapened when two men got in a fighh. the other appears to beea robbery atteept that turned deadly. a pizzz ddlivery man is the3 victim. it happened just after kw-7 saturray night. a wwman found the victim lying faae down in the street. soon neighbors ccme running commotion.3 >> hh said dawn, there is a pizzaman on the ground. by the ime i got out theee the lawn who called 911 was doing c.p.r.on him and she was like there was no response or aaything. ú%e pizza anddsubwas still police he was robbed, stabbed ú%en left for dead. about an hur after this attack another man was stabbed in glenn burnie in an unrelated incident. -err pooice say two men got into an argument ii a shopping center. identified as james liberto. theesuspect is ronald long of3 glenn burnie. he as arrest mments after that incident. in the case of the pizza dellvery man whoowas kklled detectiiessaae still %-right
:31 on fox 45 earlyyeditiin. %-a deadly weekenn in anne arundel countt. twoossabbings abbut aa hour apart.3 police have arrested one suspect. killer is tilllout therr ú% someewere. meagan is givv from police headquarters in millersville with the laaest n their% investiggtion, good morning. good morning to all of you. police say one stabbing happeeed when two men got in a fight witt ach other %-the other appearr to e aa3 robbery atttmpt that turree deaaly.úa pizza ddlivery man is he victim. it happened just affer 773 saturddy ight. a woman in this subdivisionn33 found thh viitim lying face down n the street. robbed, stabbed then left for dead. >> innocent man trying to make a living gone. >> is hat the looest thingú somebody can do..3 >> repprter: about an hour after this attack another man %-was ssabbed in glenn burn -hey time in an unnelated inccdent. here police say two men got into an arguments in the cromwell ield shoppingg3 centee. the victim hhs been %-identified as james libeeto. theesuspecc, 39-yeaa-old ronald long of glenn burnieúú%%-wa
devices that come out. >> nbreporter: division chief michael cox with anne arundel fire department says there are several easy steps to take to keep your home safe when using alternative heating sources. >> óomthey follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use them in the manner in accordance with what they were designed. especially when it comes to some kerosene heaters they have to be utwááin a well ventilated area. >> reporter: other safety steps to take are make sure your portable heater has a tip switch in case it gets knocked  over. when buying heaters make sure it has an automatic shut off feature. space heaters need exactly that space. make sure they are at least 3 feet away from other objects. chief okcox says never go to b and leave a heat source on. >> they should never be left unattended basically a fireplace, you know, or the wood stoves make sure all :jiÑt safety devices are in place. >> reporter: this time of year has extra hazards in the home. >> there are other things in the house other decorations put oth tablecloths curtains christmas trees other types
hours a day where we x freezing mark. 33, 34. southern anne arundel counties. so as this snow rolls in from the west it's likely to .jbÑbe that nearly all snore we're not talking about a situation will it be rain or snow or some mix thereof. we think this next storm which is just beginning to develop outs to the south and west is likely to bring in primarily snow but also primarily bz$to area just south of baltimore again d. c. south probably virginia beach. there storm track which we've seen before tends to pull it over the virginia beach area. high pressure and oj7cold air plenty of that around right now. so that's going to mean as this storm approaches out of the west there will be lots of cold air in nvprimarily a snow situation. travels to richmond down the i- 95 corridor headed to the north carolina line. that's going to be a real tricky area any time after lunchtime tomorrow. out the sea thursday night. in its wake we take some snow showers a dusting probably around baltimore, but d. c. south more than an inch of snow. overnight tonight 17 cold and yñ breezy. tomorrow any
's most powerful doppler radar and it burst over anne arundel county, slid through annapolis and easton is get it right now. this may add an inch or two to came brag. -- cambridge. wind are doing it. 51-mile-per-hour push in just the last 10 minutes in catonsville. we have a windy day here as temperatures will stay well below that normal of 43. let's go to the roads with kim. >> reporter: justin, we are dealing with one accident right now and that one is in anne arundel county. on route 100 getting on the ramp to southbound 97. you will find police on the scene there. and that's where you will find a lot of the slicker areas on the on and off exit ramps and bridges and overpasses. wind warnings in place this morning at the bay and key bridge and tidings bridge and you will feel it once you get on the roadways. look live at 895, traffic is moving well. all lanes open and they did a good job of treating the area roadways. you could find oatcational slick spot but for the most part traffic is off to a really good start. charlie, back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. >>> it's 6:31. winte
's the latest on the robbery at the 7-eleven in anne arundel. police finally made arrests it turns out the suspect were right thereunder their noses don harrison has more. >> reporter: this 7-eleven was robbed on august 9th. one man was murdered. three months later just up the street at this pizza store on november 12th, another robbery occurred. a man was also shot and killed there. the next day november 13th, 17- year-old vincent bunker was arrested and charged with first degree murder of the pizza store. over the next 11 days three more suspects would be arrested for the pizza store robbery and murder. >> these individuals are in custody, and the prosecutors office has indicated they will be tried as adults for these violent offenses. >> reporter: after the arrest from the robbery at mr. wings and pizza detectives determined that two of the individuals vincent bunker and shawn johnson were involved in the 7- eleven robbery murder. arrest after police did what they do best. >> these detectives did good old-fashioned police work and developed leads through witness statements, fore
. >>> and in anne arundel county, police are look for whoever stabbed a pizza deliveriyman to death. 46-year-old was lying in the road in severn saturday night. he had multiple stab iewnd. we are told he was pakistani who was earning money to send his family back home. if you have any information about the case, you are asked to call metro crimestoppers at 866-7-lockup. >>> a 31-year-old woman is charged with a hit-and-run and driving under the influence after police say she struck 18 cars in frederick overnight. austina bigg-us was charged. police got numerous calls about her car driving recklessly and slamming into parked cars. authorities say the woman also struck a tree, a traffic sign and two gates at the allegany power. no one was hurt. >>> two years ago we told you about a hit-and-run death of randy lee urban senior. yesterday night, or last night, family and friends gathered for a vigil remembering his life and praying for answers concerning his death. preston mitchell was there. >> every year until we catch the person, we will be here. >> >> reporter: she is talk about randy lee urb
light to begin construction for a slots casino at arundel mills mall. thean arundel county department of planning and zoning approved the plan. cordish plans to build the project in two-phases. the first a temporary casino in a parking garage expected to open late. the second phase is a permanent casino including live muse i go and several -- music and several restaurants expected to be finished by 2012. >>> a pet owner is thankful for bolt mere finest for saving her penny. penny is a dog and took a dip in the inner harbor. she jumped in at harborview maria and the lab got stuck underneath one of the pierce. while the owner was running all around federal hill look for penny, someone called police and then police swung into action. >> she has never gone into the water before. when i give hear bath, she doesn't like it. i am shocked. but i am sure she probably got stuck in the water. >> she was panicking and struggling. and at that point she was exhausted. you could see she was going under the -- under water and trying to hang on rebar underneath the structures over there trying to stay
with montgomery. this goes in to college park and bowie and even in to parts of anne arundel county. west of annapolis is seeing lighter snow showers but it will cause slippery roads the next few hours and that's why a winter weather advisory until 9:00. not out of the question that some of this drifts to the metro the dc area the neve next half hour to an hour. back to the weather computer and show you the day planner for today. temperatures have slowly climbing to 30 degrees. the bus stop forecast today, obviously we have flurries and snow showers this morning. watch for that. we have the wind also. very blustery. 17 to 25 t. sunrise 7:18. setting 44:67 but the wind chills are in the single digits. in fact a wind advisory is up for everybody here now. toward culpeper and fredericksburg. we will have sustained winds 15 to 25 or 40 or higher later on today. right now we have gusts close to 30 in washington. 31 at cambridge. pax river 33. 37 in winchester and oakland, maryland where the snow is flying, that's near blizzard conditions in spots with 38- mile an hour wind gusts
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